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Product Announcements


HPN Right-Angle



HPN Harmonic Planetary® value series is now available in a right angle configuration. HPN provides a low cost solution without the need to compromise on quality or performance. The HPN Series features helical gears for High –Torque, quiet performance and long life.

Available in 5 Frame Sizes

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High-Precision Planetary Gearhead HPG Series + Rack & Pinion


  • High accuracy helical rack and pinion
  • High precision (accuracy class DIN 6)
  • Runout accuracy of the pinion gear installed on the gearhead is 15μm or less
  • Low noise and vibration due to ground finish helical rack and pinion

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HPN-L: New Face-Mount Helical Planetary Gearheads


HPN Planetary gearheads feature a robust design utilizing helical gears for quiet performance and long life. These gearheads are available with short lead times and are designed to couple to any servo motor with our Quick-Connect mounting system. This new face-mount value series of planetary gears carry the reputation for quality and reliability for which Harmonic Drive® products are known throughout the world.

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New two stage ratios added to HPN HarmonicPlanetary® Servo Gearheads






New two stage ratios include 15:1, 20:1, 25:1, 35:1, 40:1, 45:1 and 50:1. With the addition of these ratios, the HPN line of planetary gearheads offer the increased design flexibility our customers require.

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HPG-R Helical Series: Low Ratios, High-Torque in a compact package


The HPG-R Helical Harmonic Planetary® gearhead delivers High-Torque and High-Accuracy in a compact package. The Helical gear design combines quiet operation with higher torque when compared to the standard HPG Series. The gearhead incorporates continuous backlash compensation that ensures low backlash for the life of the gear. HPG planetary gears are available with a flange output, smooth output shaft or a shaft with a key and tapped center hole.

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